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Chef John Folse & Company Manufacturing services a wide variety of customers in the foodservice industry, from your favorite casino buffet to the restaurant down the street, you will find Chef John Folse & Company products on the menu. People everywhere are enjoying our products: residents in nursing homes and employees at manufacturing facilities, hospitals and many other places of business.

The diversity of customers is not just in the type of patron but also in the areas serviced. You can find Chef John Folse & Company products all over the map from Las Vegas to Kansas City. If we are not in your neighborhood now, we will be soon.


Chef John Folse & Company Food Service Product List

For sales and inquiries, contact Jeremy Landry: jeremyl@jfolse.com

  • Bourbon Street Seafood Gumbo Base - no protein (CJF item #3044339)
    Sought out by visitors from all over the world, gumbo remains the most popular dish in South Louisiana. Whether you add chicken, sausage or game, you'll find this base perfect for your special version.

  • Acadiana-style Seafood Gumbo (CJF item #3044395)
    A South Louisiana favorite, crab, shrimp and okra are combined in a rich seafood broth thickened with a dark Cajun roux, the inclusion of the trinity (onions, celery and bell pepper) round out the flavors of this Cajun classic.

  • Plantation-style Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (CJF item #3044326)
    A classic dark brown roux simmering with onions, celery and bell pepper is combined with boneless chicken and andouille sausage to create this Louisiana favorite.

  • Louisiana Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (CJF item #3044396)
    Our newest version of this Creole Classic is spicy and smooth. It begins with a dark Cajun roux base.

  • Creole Corn and Shrimp Soup (CJF item #3044315)
    With a medley of shrimp and corn accented by a hint of tomatoes and a blend of herbs, it is no wonder that Corn & Shrimp Soup is as popular in Louisiana as Gumbo.

  • Crawfish, Corn and Potato Soup (CJF item #3044314)
    The main social event of Cajun Country, the crawfish boil, is captured in the combination of the three main ingredients of the boil simmered in crawfish stock and cream. When flavored with a hint of Zatarain's Liquid Crab Boil spice, it's as close as you'll get to Bayou Country.

  • "Olde" Tyme Baked Potato Soup (CJF item #3044331)
    Remember the aroma of hot baked potatoes fresh from the oven? This is the flavor we have recreated by combining potatoes, smoky bacon and sweet cream, just like in the "olde" days!

  • Creole Onion Soup (CJF item #3044347)
    Our Creole Onion Soup is made with simmering beef stock chock full of onions, garlic, red wine and herbs. When finished in your kitchen, top with toasted French bread and Parmesan cheese.

  • Tomato Bisque (CJF item #1044118)
    Tomato soup in its most refined form. Creamy and rich with creole seasonings to complement that luscious tomato flavor. Enjoy as is or add shrimp—it is truly special either way.

  • Sweet Corn and Crab Bisque (CJF item #3044379)
    Many said this dish was born in the cast iron pots of Louisiana. Recreating this magnificent soup is a Louisiana "Birth right." The marriage of rich crab stock, white crabmeat and sweet golden corn come together to create an explosion of flavor in the pot. You may have eaten corn and crab soup, but you havn't sampled any this good.

  • Sweet Corn, Crab and Shrimp Bisque (CJF item #3044341)
    A classic Louisiana style creamy bisque by birthright. This particular soup explodes with flavor when we add sweet golden corn with gulf crab and shrimp. You won't taste many this good.

  • Red Bean and Sausage Soup (CJF item # 3044409)

  • Broccoli, Cheese and Bacon Soup (CJF item #5044321)
    When the trinity of onions, celery and bell peppers is combined with broccoli florets, minced carrots and cheddar cheese, a soup unlike any other emerges from our black iron pots.

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  • Veal Demi-Glace (CJF item #3044440)
    A true fully prepared demi-glace? Yes!! This rich veal stock twice reduced becomes the mother sauce for most classical brown sauces. One taste and you'll know that this sauce is authentic.

  • Hollandaise (CJF item #3044369)
    Our version of the culinary classic is smooth, rich and creamy and resistant to separation under high heat.

  • Sicilian-style Marinara Sauce (CJF item #3044338)
    Unlike its sweet, smooth American cousin, this island-style marinara is chock-full of chunky Roma tomatoes with a slight touch of acidity just as the Sicilians love their spaghetti sauce.

  • Italian-style Marinara Sauce (CJF item #3044322)
    A robust and flavorful tomato sauce prepared with diced tomatoes and fresh herbs.

  • Alfredo Sauce (CJF item #3044332)
    What more can we say? This is the traditional sauce of Rome—cream lightly boiled with butter, cheese, egg yolk and herbs. Add a Bayou Country twist with a touch of diced tasso.

  • Acadiana Crawfish Sauce (CJF item #3044447)
    A magnificent combination of crab, shrimp and crawfish stock married with classical herbs and spices. We recommend this sauce as the perfect accompaniment under fish or chicken and should be considered the ideal pasta sauce when using vegetables and shellfish.

  • Creole-style Remoulade Sauce (CJF item #3044056)
    Our New Orleans style remoulade sauce is spicy mustard and mayonnaise based sauce, sweetened with a bit of ketchup, fresh herbs and seasoning. Remoulade sauce is delicious served as a dipping sauce with shrimp, crabs or served over salads.

  • New Orleans-style White Remoulade Sauce (CJF item #3044343)
    New Orleans has two classic rémoulades: the red, sweet tomato-based sauce and the white, spicy rémoulade featured at most great New Orleans eateries. The white rémoulade is flavored with Creole mustard and horseradish and is most often served with boiled seafood or Louisiana crab cakes.

  • New Orleans Creole Sauce (CJF item #3044352)
    A versatile and spicy tomato sauce made with brown roux, onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic, shrimp stock and seasonings. Adding shrimp or any seafood will round this dish out beautifully.

  • Southern-style Turkey Gravy (CJF Item #3044406)
    Classic giblet gravy flavored with slow roasted vegetables and aromatic spices.

  • Mushroom Gravy (CJF Item #3044424)
    A savory sauce of button mushrooms, enhanced with onions and garlic.

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Red Beans

In Louisiana, red beans, rice and sausage are as common on Monday as the New Orleans Jazz Brunch is on Sunday. Our red beans are simmered with onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic and diced andouille for the perfect smoked flavor. Recreate a Louisiana Monday in your kitchen with any of the following three choices.

  • French Market Red Beans (CJF item #3044319)
    Just enough andouille sausage is added to this Monday lunch favorite to give it flavor. We recommend serving a link of heavily smoked sausage on the side.

  • New Orleans-style Red Beans (CJF item #3044385)
    This version uses turkey sausage for it’s flavor and was created for our customers in need of pork-free items.

  • Louisiana Red Beans and Sausage (CJF item #3044432)
    Sliced smoked sausage has been added to this version. Just ladle it over steamed white rice for the perfect lunch entree.

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  • Louisiana-style Crawfish Etouffee (CJF item #3044433)
    Crawfish (CJF item #3044323)

    Many etouffees with an origin from deep in the swamps of Louisiana start with a darker roux than the Creoles of New Orleans. This nutty-flavored concoction is what gives the Cajun etouffees, as this fantastic version with crawfish, their unique flavor you just don't find outside Louisiana.

  • Bayou Country Crawfish Etouffee (CJF item #3044394)
    A staple on the bayou country table. This Etouffee is seasoned with ripe tomatoes and spiced with parsley, thyme and bay leaves.

  • Bayou Country Shrimp Creole (CJF item #3044328)
    As common as Red Beans and Rice on Mondays, Shrimp Creole can be found on tables throughout Louisiana for Friday lunch or dinner. Our version combines sautéed gulf shrimp with tomatoes, onions, celery, bell peppers and garlic to create this classic Creole dish.

  • Fiesta Chili with Beans (CJF item #5044377)

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  • Jambalaya or Pastalaya Base with Tasso & Andouille (CJF item #3044324)
    Creole Style Rice Base (red) with Tasso and Andouille

    Jambalaya has become the best-known rice dish in America. This Cajun classic combines tasso, andouille and chicken into a tasty “one pot meal” as the Cajuns did or as an authentic side dish like the Creoles. We’ve added a recipe for using your favorite pasta in place of rice for another unique and interesting option.

  • Jambalya Base with Chicken and Smoked Sausage (CJF item #3044388)
    Cajun Style Rice Base (brown) with Chicken and Smoked Sausage

    Jambalaya has become the best-known rice dish in America. This Cajun classic combines chicken and smoked sausage into a tasty “one pot meal” as the Cajuns did or as an authentic side dish like the Creoles. With our version, simply fold in cooked rice and enjoy.

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  • Corn Maque Choux (CJF item #0044052)
    Exactly how the Indian word for corn, Maque, and the French word for cabbage, Choux, became the name of this corn and tomato dish is a mystery to us in Cajun Country. The early explorers found this interesting combination of corn and tomatoes strange but delicious. Today, it is one of Louisiana's favorite vegetable dishes.

  • Sweet Potato Souffle (CJF Item #3044001)
    Luxuriously smooth and rich purée of sweet potatoes with a touch of cinnamon and other spices.

  • Okra and Tomatoes (CJF Item #3044370)
    Tender cuts of okra slowly simmered in a Creole-style sauce of tomatoes and aromatic vegetables.

  • Carrot Souffle (CJF Item #3044356)
    A silky smooth puree of carrots sweetened with vanilla. This airy mixture bakes to a beautiful golden brown and is sure to please any palate.

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  • Cajun Dark Brown Roux (CJF item #400361)
    Classic Cajun dark brown roux with onions, celery and bell peppers. Perfect for gumbos, stews, fricassees and any dish requiring a dark roux. Packed 50 lbs.

  • Creole Butter Roux (CJF item #400371)
    Slow cooked and perfect for all light roux dishes. Packed 50 lbs.

  • Blonde Roux (CJF item #400351)
    Our lightest roux, the blond roux is perfectly blended, but never allowed to brown. Packed 50 lbs.

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  • Bourbon Whiskey Sauce (CJF item #3044006)

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip (CJF item #3044427)
    This classic marriage of two vegetables was first seen in New Orleans in the early 1800s. Our rich dip is further enhanced with Pecorino Romano, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Serve it hot as a dip or thin it with stock and cream for a beautifully flavored impromptu soup.

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