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Good Practices Policy


As a leader in chef-inspired manufactured foods, Chef John Folse & Company is committed to not only ensuring the quality, consistency and safety of each item, but also to exploring ways to improve the healthfulness and nutrition of each product without sacrificing flavor. 

We continually improve upon our formulas to:

  • Reduce salt
  • Eliminate trans fat
  • Embrace new flavor trends

A state-of the-art bio-security program is in place to ensure that food under our control is not easily accessible to tampering or other malicious or terrorist activity.  All aspects of the workplace are taken into account as part of our security measures:

  • hiring and screening policies for employees
  • employee identification procedures
  • monitoring of employee health conditions and in-house medical services
  • determination and control of restricted access areas
  • ingredient supplier approval process
  • distribution and transportation systems
  • physical security of the plant
  • product recall procedures

A Product Recall Program is tested annually to ensure 100% recovery of product in the event of an actual recall.  Chef John Folse & Company Manufacturing has never experienced a product recall.  The recall program consists of the following steps:

    1. Testing
    2. Notification to stores/clients
    3. Mobilize recall
    4. Notification to press
    5. Updates and all clear

Chef John Folse & Company Manufacturing also undergoes at least two annual third-party food safety audits. These audits provide us with vital information with regard to the effectiveness of our food safety programs and allow us to continually improve and update systems as new information becomes available. 

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