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Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Yields: 6 Servings

Barbecued shrimp ori
ginated at Manale Restaurant in New Orleans. Customers waiting for the next table formed long lines down Napoleon Avenue. Perfecting the flavor of barbecued shrimp can be quite easy with the following recipe and the dish although quite tasty, is also a bit messy. So get ready to lick your fingers.

2 dozen (10–15 count) jumbo shrimp, head-on, peeled and deveined
½ cup thinly sliced garlic
½ pound melted butter
¼ cup chopped shallots
¼ cup thinly sliced green onions
pinch red pepper flakes
2 tbsps chopped basil leaves
1 tbsp chopped tarragon leaves
1 tbsp chopped thyme leaves
½ cup Worcestershire Sauce
½ cup Abita® beer
salt to taste
Creole seasoning to taste
granulated garlic to taste

In a large skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add sliced garlic and sauté until lightly golden on the edges, 1–2 minutes. Do not brown. Add shallots and green onions then sauté 1–2 minutes. Add shrimp, red pepper flakes and herbs. Cook until shrimp are pink and curled, stirring occasionally. Add Worcestershire sauce, cook 1–2 minutes then add beer. Adjust seasonings to taste using salt, seasoning and granulated garlic. To serve, place 4 shrimp in the center of each serving plate and top with an equal portion of sauce and a slice or two of French bread.


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