Recipe of the Week


1. Cutting Fresh Corn from the Cob:
Cutting corn from the cob makes it easier to enjoy, but it could create a huge mess. To keep the corn in place, set the end of the corn cob in the center hole of a Bundt pan. While holding the cob steady, make long downward cuts between the cob and the kernels. The kernels will fall into the Bundt pan for easy use.

2. Saving Citrus:
After juicing citrus fruits, freeze the rinds in a zipper bag. When a recipe calls for minced zest, pull the rinds from the freezer and remove the zest.

3. Peeling Whole Garlic:
When a recipe calls for whole peeled garlic, I’ve found it rather tedious peeling off the papery skin. Instead, microwave the individual garlic cloves for 7 seconds and the skins slip right off.

4. Preventing Olive Oil Spills:
When buying olive oil in big containers, consider transferring some oil to a cleaned out ketchup or mustard bottle for easy measuring. The small neck makes it convenient to pour into a measuring spoon and eliminates spills.

5. Set It and Forget It:
When I make pasta sauce, I like to leave it on the stove all day to concentrate the flavor. But my gas stove’s lowest setting is still too high, and my sauce boils and reduces too much. I found that placing my pot on a grill pan set over low heat allows the sauce to simmer gently. The ridges on the grill pan elevate the pot, providing a buffer between the sauce and the direct heat.












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