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Goat's Milk Cheese

Evangeline Aged Goat Cheese
This triple cream cheese is aged 3-4 weeks. It comes in a 4-ounce wheel and has a tangy, soft, almost runny paste. This variety is named after the heroine in Longfellow's epic poem about the exile of the Acadians from Nova Scotia.

Gabriel Aged Goat Cheese
This goat variety is aged 3-8 weeks, and comes in a 4-ounce wheel. It has a firm center and a soft, mild outer paste covered in fine vegetable ash. Evangeline spends her life searching for her lost lover Gabriel in the swamps of Louisiana.

Goat's Milk Feta
Made from a centuries-old recipe perfected at the Bulgarian monasteries nestled amid the Rila mountain range, this snow white Goat Feta is a fixture throughout the Balkan peninsula. This tangy, soft cheese is brined in salty whey for just the right balance of flavor. One of the few Fetas sought out for a cheese plate, it is also wonderful crumbled over salad or incorporated into any Mediterranean recipe.

Marinated Goat's Milk Feta
Bittersweet Plantation Dairy's Bulgarian-style goat milk feta offers authentic flavor, superior texture and a multitude of uses. Here it is bathed in olive oil and infused with garlic, peppers, and spices to make a delightful appetizer or accompaniment to crusty bread or crackers.

Cow's Milk Cheese

Gouda NEW! Dutch Highland Artisanal Gouda
In the 1780s, a colony of Pennsylvania Dutch farmers settled on Louisiana’s Bayou Manchac. Following a series of floods, they moved to Baton Rouge in search of “higher ground,” resulting in their nickname “Dutch Highlanders.” Today’s Highland Road in Baton Rouge cuts through their original plantations. Dutch Highland Artisanal Gouda is a semi-soft, mild and nutty-flavored cheese made from cow’s milk.

Bayou Blue NEW! Bayou Blue
This is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese. This subtle blue cheese is aged 1-2 months. This cheese is named in honor of our Louisiana Bayou Country.
Marinated Blue NEW! Marinated Bayou Blue
Our Bayou Blue cheese is bathed in olive oil and infused with garlic, peppers, olives and spices.
Kashkaval ~ Bulgarian-style Yellow Cheese
This semi-hard Bulgarian-style yellow cheese is made from a raw Jersey milk blend. The cheese, which has a texture similar to Cheddar is aged a minimum of 60 days but may be cave aged up to 2 years. It is great served on a cheese board with fruit or shredded as a cooking ingredient.

Fleur-de-Lis Fromage Triple Cream
This triple cream Guernsey milk blend is characterized by a slightly firm rind and a wonderful, buttery, creamy interior.
This cheese is named after the symbol of France, the founder of Louisiana.

Fleur-de-Teche Fromage Triple Cream with Vegetable Ash
According to Chetimaches Indian legend, Louisiana's Bayou Teche was formed when a snake, miles in length, battled with the tribe. The snake was killed in the battle and as its great body broadened and curved, it sunk into the damp mud of the swampland. Later, as water flowed through this channel, Bayou Teche was formed. Fleur-de-Teche, a triple cream cow's milk cheese, honors this legend. The vegetable ash "snakes" through the buttery, creamy interior of this soft rind.
Creole Cream Cheese
This farmer's-style cheese indigenous to Louisiana is made with a blend of skim milk and half & half cream. This style of cheese was brought to Louisiana, many think, from the Brittany and Burgundy regions of France and became extremely popular in Louisiana from the 1800s to the 1980s when production ceased. We resurrect this Creole icon for your enjoyment. It is best eaten with a sprinkle of sugar or fresh fruit.

Holy Cow - Vache Sante'
This bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese builds its tremendous flavor characteristics through longer aging. Although a triple cream, the one-and-a-half to three pound catch weight size allows the cheese to slowly soften over a ten to twelve week period without achieving a molten state. Perfect for cheese trays, eating alone, or as an added flavoring to rich lobster or oyster bisque, no wonder it’s named Holy Cow!

Mix Goat and Cow's Milk Cheese

Feliciana Nevat
Our soft-ripened cow and goat's milk cheese is patterned after the Catalonian Nevat from Spain. The name Nevat comes from a Catalan word for snow and refers to the powdery rind and mountain-like shape of the cheese itself. Bittersweet Plantation Dairy chose to name its version "Feliciana" a Spanish word for happy land. The Feliciana parishes were so named by Don Bernardo de Galvez, an early governor of the then Spanish Louisiana colony. The beautiful rolling hills found there are the closest thing to mountains the Bayou can claim, though they are seldom sprinkled with snow.

Chef John Folse Triple Cream Cheese Wire
Our stainless steel triple cream cheese knife features a serrated edge wire for cutting through creamy cheeses without build up. Functional for the kitchen, yet stylish enough for your cheese display.


Aged Goat Cheese Varieties:

  • Jolie Blonde - Soft aged goat cheese with a light, silken blonde rind and a creamy, smooth mild paste with a fine ash layer in the middle. The name is inspired by the blonde beauty immortalized in the Cajun National Anthem, " Jolie Blonde."

Aged Cow or Blended Varieties:

  • Enrico Tonti Blue - This Guernsey cow milk cheese is similar to Gorgonzola, though not as salty. It has a firm rind and creamy interior. This cheese is aged 5-6 months. We have named this cheese Enrico Tonti after the first Italian explorer and settler in Louisiana.

  • Lorenzo Bel Paese - is an Italian Bel Paese style cheese. This cheese originated from Bel Paese, a small town near Milan, Italy. This semi-soft cow's milk cheese has a mellow, buttery flavor with a smooth, creamy texture. Serve as a snack or dessert cheese, or use as a cooking ingredient. This cheese is named in honor of Lorenzo Casso, the first Italian immigrant to settle Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

  • Del Escondido - This Spanish style cheese is made with a blend of Guernsey cow and goat milk. This rindless cheese has a wonderful, firm paste. Its name comes from the term "Rio del Escondido," meaning hidden river, which was the 16th century Spanish name for the Mississippi River.

  • D'Arensbourg - This Guernsey cow cheese is similar to a Tilsiter cheese, which has a slightly piquant flavor but not too strong. It is named after the German, Karl Frederic D'Arensbourg who lead the first German settlers into the River Parishes of Louisiana in the 1720s.

  • St. Francis - This white cheddar is made from Guernsey milk and aged up to 1 year. One will experience a clean, high fat mouth feel with this cheese. It is named in honor of the Franciscan Missionaries who settled along with the English at St. Francisville, north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the late 1700s.
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