Three Little Pigs

Our pigs are from Black Hill Ranch in Cypress, TX where the finest breeds of humanely treated pigs are raised. The pigs have been hand-fed a top-notch diet of peaches, apples, pears, carrots, lettuce, spinach, cantaloupes, plums, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, corn, soybeans and maple syrup. At White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge, we plan to continue to pamper our pigs and marinate them in red wine for a later harvest.

The Large Black variety of hogs, occasionally called Devon or Cornwall Black, is a native breed of Great Britain, particularly Devon, Cornwall and Essex. These hardy, docile creatures have large litters of 8 – 10 piglets. The breed was popular in the early 1900s with Large Blacks exported to countries around the world; however, by the 1960s a change in farming preferences saw the breed nearly reach extinction. Thankfully, numbers are rising. These long, deep-bodied pigs are well suited for pasture-based farming because of their ability to forage and graze. Traditionally, Large Black hogs were used for bacon and were prized for their lean quality and flavor without an excess of back fat. Sows can weigh up to 700 pounds while boars can reach weights of 800 pounds.

Ossabaw Island Hogs are descended from swine released on Ossabaw Island, GA by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Swine and other livestock were often left on islands as a future food source. For hundreds of years, these feral pigs led an isolated, insular lifestyle and are believed to be the only U.S. breed descended from the Iberian-type pigs, which the Spanish brought to North America. These black or spotted swine are hardy foragers with long snouts, upright ears and a heavy coat of bristles. They are intelligent with a friendly temperament. Ossabaw Hogs grow to less than 20-inches tall and weigh less than 200 pounds when mature. The meat is dark with a texture resembling jamón Ibérico of the Black Iberian pig. A select number of farms off the island breed the pigs and market them as artisanal, heritage pork that is great in cured meats as well as cochons de lait.

Berkshire Hogs are believed to be England’s oldest pig breed. They were originally bred near the market-towns of Faringdon and Wantage, in the Vale of the White Horse in Berkshire County, an area now known as Oxfordshire.Typically, these early-maturing pigs have short black hair with white hair on their short, straight legs, faces and tips of their tails. They have medium-length, concave snouts, large erect ears that lean forward slightly, wrinkle-free necks, well-sloped shoulder blades and a straight underline belly. Berkshires are known to be flavorful and juicy. The tender pink-colored meat is heavily marbled making it ideal for long cooking as well as high-temperature cooking.

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