The Cows are Here!

beef refers to breeds of cattle, the most famous of which are known for producing high-quality, intensely marbled meat. Because of the quality of this meat, we decided to join the “herd,” so to speak. It just so happens that there is a noted rancher in Monroe, Dr. David Raines, who owns the largest Wagyu herd in Louisiana. In summer 2013, Raines Farm delivered a Wagyu heifer and steer to me in Gonzales. I and a local friend, farmer, and now White Oak Farms Wagyu rancher, Charlie Landry are raising the cattle under Red Angus/Wagyu Cross guidelines. The little fellows weighed in at 500 pounds upon arrival and are well on their way to their ideal weight of 1,200 pounds of Wagyu beef! This is a unique collaboration of chef, farmer and rancher that will eventually be showcased on the plates and palates at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans.


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