Beehive Buzz

More than a decade ago I befriended a fellow named Dr. Dale Pollet who earned his Ph.D. in Entomology. Dr. Pollet retired from Louisiana State University a few years back where he was a specialist on sugarcane, vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees and the insects they attract. Being studious he also knows a heck-of-a-lot about greenhouses, forests and honeybees. He helped me set up a beehive first at my office in Gonzales.  We robbed the bees and harvested our first honey from the hive in my research and development kitchen on site. Shortly thereafter, we moved the bees to White Oak Plantation and added a second hive. We’ve been harvesting White Oak Plantation Honey for many years now, and with the large selection of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees growing at White Oak today, I am expecting another “liquid gold” year.


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